Basic T-shirts starting at $25.00
All shirts can be designed to your specifications!
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The Psychedelic Ensemble custom hand-painted shirts by Sam Del Russi are executed in the finest acrylic based fabric paint which is then "baked" into the garment rendering the artwork virtually impervious to damage such as color fading, loss of detail, flaking of paint, even after years of normal wear  and washings. Each and every garment will be cataloged, numbered and signed and is destined to become a collector's item so please treat your Progwear with love.

Since every shirt is an original work of art never to be duplicated again it is strongly suggested that the following simple steps be followed when cleaning to ensure the pristine preservation of your Progwear garment.

  Please turn the garment inside out before washing. Machine wash in a gentle cycle in warm or cold water using a mild detergent or hand wash in warm or cold water and a somewhat mild detergent. You may hang or machine dry.

If ironing of the shirt is required, please turn it inside out before doing so.

Although I have never encountered any problems with the hundreds of garments I have painted over the years, please feel free to contact me at any time should any problems arise as my work comes with a lifetime assurance of satisfaction.

Basic T-shirts starting at $25.00
All shirts can be designed to your specifications!
Click here to begin designing your TPE apparel

The Psychedelic Ensemble custom hand painted original shirts are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes so please read carefully when ordering.

Please be sure to specify the size and style desired. Available styles are tee shirt (no pocket), tee shirt (pocket), collared short-sleeve shirt (with or without pocket), long-sleeve tee shirt (with or without pocket).

If another style of shirt or sweatshirt is desired please describe in detail what you would like and I will do my best to procure it. Denim jackets are also available on request. You may refer to this site's "Designs" page to see if any particular theme really strikes you or you may feel free to present a detailed request such as: "logo at top, bottom, right or left side" or "please include artwork on front or back of shirt, or both" or "please include some pyramids, stars, planets, comets, waterfalls" etc. I usually like to have some of the artwork migrating to the sleeves or collar of the shirt so please be as detailed as you wish in your request and I will do my best to present you with a wonderful result.

Finally please indicate the color you would like although black is my preferred color and in my opinion provides the most striking results.

Please proceed to the CONTACT AND ORDER page to place an order or otherwise communicate any questions or comments. On this page you will also find a price guide. Prices for special orders or items may be obtained via this page as well.